Expertise in the Interpretation and Forecasting of Travel

     Nancy McGuckin     
Travel Behavior Analyst


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Topic Briefs

I am often asked to prepare contextual or summary information on a wide range of topics. I prepare these as topic briefs, and a few of these are attached below. If you have questions about a topic—those presented here or any other related to travel behavior— just let me know.    

Active Travel

A Comparison of Recalled and Reported Walk Trips
Measuring Trends in Walking  

Travel to School

Travel to School in California

Travel to School in LA County

Demographics and Travel

Caregiving Travel

Mandatory Peak Travel

Travel Trends of the Baby Boom Generation


Commute and Highway Travel

(NEW!) Trends in VMT 

Mode Share

Tollway Use

Travel in LA County

Auto Occupancy

Peak Travel in Selected Metros


Livability / Transit

Walkable Communities

Transit Ridership Trends 



Special Topic Areaslight

New! Homebodies and Road Warriors

Short Trips

Pounding the Pavement Looking For Work